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Jersey Girls Farm Store features the products from our small dairy farm.  All of our animals are certified humanely raised and are treated with the utmost dignity and respect.  Everything we produce is done in small batches and hand produced and packed.   Our cheese is produced from our own raw milk.  Our veal products are prized by local chefs for their delicate flavor and rose color - and our veal has been featured in NYC at The James Beard House for the "Vermont Veal Renaissance" dinner. Enjoy your shopping.... and enjoy your meal!!!

Because we are shipping a perishable product we currently ship next day to VT - NH - RI - NY - ME - MA - CT - NJ.  We will soon be adding other shipping options to additional locations. Check back or call us at 802-875-FOOD to ship to other locations.

Please return to our store often to see new product offerings! 


To learn more about our farm visit www.jerseygirlsdairy.com.